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How to Prepare Panopto Videos for Sharing on Blackboard

To ensure viewer access of your uploaded Panopto videos, it is necessary for the recordings to be saved to the specific Panopto course folder. You may need to make a copy or move your recording to the course folder prior to uploading to your Blackboard course.

Method 1 (prior to recording): Create your video in the course folder

Prior to beginning your recording in Panopto, select the appropriate course folder where your recording will be saved.

Directions for Windows

Review step 3 in How to Record with Panopto for Windows - Under Sessions Settings, use the Folder drop-down arrow to select the specific course folder.

Directions for Mac

Review step 2 in How to Record with Panopto for Mac - Under Choose folder and session name, use the Folder drop-down arrow to select the specific course folder.

Method 2 (after recording): Move or copy your video to the course folder

Your Panopto recording must be saved in the appropriate course folder to provide viewing rights for the students enrolled in your course. Panopto allows you to copy a session and move a session to a new folder.

  • How to Copy and Move Sessions - Copying can be a useful way to move a session to an additional folder while preserving the original session location. 
    • Create Reference Copy: Video reference copies refer back to an original source video but with a completely clean slate of viewer-contributed metadata, such as quiz results, comments, and notes. When its source video is edited, the reference copy will automatically also reflect the same edits. Learn more at Learn About Video Reference Copies.

      • Note: Prior to making edits on an original source video, the user will receive a warning window indicating that the video is referenced by other video(s). 

    • Create Full Copy: A full copy of the video does not refer back to the original video and allows for independent editing. 

Method 3 (across semesters): Share a course folder

The best way to share pre-existing Panopto content with a new semester course is to add the previous course folder to the active semester course. Adding the previous semester folder to the current semester folder preserves the recordings within the original course. It also keeps it from duplicating the recordings, which minimizes storage space, or losing the recordings.

Instructors Using Blackboard Original

  1. Navigate to the Panopto Content link through Tools in the Blackboard navigation menu of the current course.
  2. Click on the Re-Configure button located at the bottom of the Panopto Content page. It may take a minute for the page to load.
  3. Choose the course which houses the recordings from the Available Folders list and click the Add button.
  4. Click Submit to save.

Instructors Using Blackboard Ultra

  1. In Blackboard, navigate to the course with the pre-existing content you want to share to the new semester course.
  2. Click on Books & Tools on the left navigation panel under "Details & Actions."
  3. Click Panopto for Ultra Courses.
  4. Click on the Share Tool icon to open the share tab of the folder settings.
  5. Under People and Groups, enter the Blackboard Course ID of the new semester course with which you want to share the folder.
    • Note: The course folder will have both a Creator and Viewer option. You will select one of these and follow steps 6-8, then select the remaining option and repeat steps 6-8. 
  6. Once selected, change the level of access to the folder to match the group access in the drop down box (ex. PSY_1010_102_LEC_FALL_2020-21: Creator would need Creator access whereas PSY_1010_102_LEC_FALL_2020-21: Viewer  would need Viewer access).
  7. Uncheck the box to the left of Notify People.
  8. Click Save.