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Getting Started

  • Instructors and Students should always access Panopto through Blackboard (steps are listed later on this page). Please note:
    • Instructors are given Creator access in Panopto which allows them to record, edit, and change video settings.
    • Students using Blackboard are given Viewer access in Panopto and can only view videos.
  • Staff who do NOT teach any courses will set up and access Panopto differently from instructors and students (steps are listed later on this page).

Request a Consultation

Hands-on help

Request Consultation

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Accessing Panopto


The instructions below go along with this quick Panopto Demo (video hosted on Panopto).

  1. Login to Blackboard at blackboard.ohio.edu.
  2. Navigate to the course for which you would like to create the recorded lecture or presentation.
  3. Configure your Blackboard course with Panopto to set up an integrated account.
    • Click Tools on the left navigation panel under "Course Name"
    • Click Panopto Content
      • The screen will read "This course is not provisioned with Panopto. Before a course can be used with Panopto it must be setup"
      • Click Configure
    • On the Configure Panopto Course page click Add Course to Panopto
    • Provisioning Results should show Successfully provisioned the course ...
      • Click Return to Course
      • Note: Performing this action creates your Creator account in Panopto
  4. Download the Panopto App.
    • Click Tools on the left navigation panel under "Course Name"
    • Click Panopto Content
    • On the Panopto Content page click the Create button, located to the right of the search field
      • Choose Record a New Session from the drop-down menu
      • From the pop-up window, choose from the Download Installer list to download the appropriate app to your computer
        • Follow the prompts to download and open the Panopto App
        • Note: You will only download the app the first time you access on your computer. 
  5. Sign into the Panopto App to record your video(s).
  6. Add your video(s) directly into posted course content in your Blackboard course.


  1. Login to Blackboard at blackboard.ohio.edu.
  2. To view Panopto videos within your course content, click on the appropriate link.
    • Note: Taking a Quiz while watching a video is seamless for students.

Non-instructional staff

  1. Go to https://ohiouniversity.hosted.panopto.com/
  2. Select Ohio University Single Sign-on in the dropdown box.
  3. Select Sign in.
    • By logging in, this will automatically create your Panopto account with Viewer access.
  4. If you need Creator access, complete steps 1-3 above, then contact the IT Service Desk and tell them you need non-instructional staff Panopto Creator access.

How To

Navigating Panopto

Creating and Sharing Your Panopto Video

Instructors should navigate within their Blackboard course to record and post Panopto videos to be viewed by their students. Students are only provided Viewer access unless the instructor sets up Assignment Folders to enable their students to create and upload Panopto videos to their Blackboard course.

Recording a Video 

Adding Captions and Editing a Panopto Recording

Adding Tags and Smart Chapters to a Panopto Recording

  • How to Use Tags - Add tags to videos as a way to help users browse and explore specific content on a Panopto site.
  • How to Enable Smart Chapters - Smart Chapters are not automatically added on your  videos, but there is an option to enable them on a per-video basis. 
  • How to Use Smart Chapters - Add, remove, and edit smart chapters from your Panopto videos to create an automatic table of contents.

Sharing a Panopto Recording or Assignment

Sharing inside Blackboard (instructors only)
Sharing outside of Blackboard (anyone with Creator access)

How-To Video Repository

For additional support, please see the comprehensive video repository of Panopto How-To Videos.