Ohio University

OHIO IT previews spring technology updates

Several teaching and learning tools and services received upgrades for spring semester. Instructors seeking assistance with these or other technology tools may contact the IT Service Desk or schedule a consultation for help.

OHIO Testing Services 

Based on OHIO’s spring semester strategy, OHIO Testing Services plans to resume operations January 19 in Bromley Hall. The service will operate with capacity modifications and safety protocols to comply with the Presidential Health Directives and OHIO’s interim policy 44.102. Automated proctoring provided by OHIO’s online proctoring software, Proctortrack, will continue to be available for students during spring semester at no fee, to support those who cannot return on campus at this time. Additional details are available here.


Panopto, OHIO’s preferred lecture recording tool, added upgrades to improve video editing and organization. Instructors can now delete a video stream inside of the Panopto editor instead of using external editing software. Additionally, a new SmartChapters feature autogenerates tables of contents for any video, and instructors can add tags to videos for improved search and organization of content.


Turnitin, OHIO's plagiarism detection platform no longer allows instructors to create “revision assignments.” Existing revision assignments will still be accessible, and instructors who want students to submit multiple drafts of the same assignment can follow these guidelines.

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams added breakout rooms for small group discussions and a Kahoot integration that allows instructors to create interactive learning games. Instructors may also request the creation of a Team for any course, which will automatically add all enrolled students. A list of additional new features are available on Microsoft’s website.

Learning Spaces 

Learning spaces are equipped for multiple modes of teaching and learning for spring. You can review the technology in your assigned classroom, and if needed, reserve additional meeting spaces with video capability in Baker Center. OHIO classrooms and other learning spaces are still arranged to facilitate social distancing, and many buildings have limited or restricted access. Be sure to complete the online training and OHIO Pledge prior to returning to campus to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Adobe Connect 

Adobe Connect has a new interface with more functionality for hosts and presenters. Recorded meetings will retain interactive features after the event has ended, allowing users to click on links, download files, and copy text from notes, chat, or Q&A. The upgrades also enhance accessibility with options to add subtitles and additional audio. This video preview provides an overview of the new look and additional features.

Opportunities for feedback 

Faculty, staff and students are invited to provide feedback on these and other tools through the OHIO IT’s Advisory Communities.

For additional help, schedule a consultation, view training options, or contact the IT Service Desk for immediate assistance.