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OHIO IT’s Teaching and Learning Technologies service launches new learning community

The Technologies in Teaching and Learning faculty learning community is a peer-led group of faculty members who engage in active, collaborative discussions to provide ideas, best practices, and encouragement to other faculty members on various technology usage for teaching and learning purposes. 

Consider joining! The faculty learning community is open to anyone who is teaching at least one course and is looking for tips and ideas from fellow instructors. The learning community will have conversations in an online, public Teams channel within the IT Teaching and Learning advisory community.

To participate, faculty members can self-enroll by joining the Teams channel and enabling notifications for the channel is recommended so you can stay up to date on the conversation. Additionally, feel free to share this update with anyone who you think may be interested in joining. 

A recurring recommendation in the IT Teaching and Learning advisory community meetings has been for OHIO IT to launch a learning community where faculty members can converse with each other about best practices and ideas for technology use. The pandemic accelerated this need, and a Teams channel has been established to facilitate the conversations that normally would be happening in person on campus but are now potentially missing. 

OHIO IT’s Teaching and Learning advisory community launched in February of 2020.  Advisory communities are an important part of the University's IT Governance framework. They provide a means for participants to engage with OHIO IT, to influence decisions based on needs or experiences, and - most importantly - to inspire action to meet those needs. Advisory communities also will influence service road maps and help inform budget proposals.

Please note, the learning community Teams channel is not actively monitored by OHIO IT. If you need support, wish to schedule a consultation, would like to request a new technology to be implemented at OHIO, or need to report a problem, please contact the IT Service Desk at servicedesk@ohio.edu or visit our website for more information.