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Blackboard Help and Resources: Organizations

What is a Blackboard organization?

  • Blackboard organization (e.g. Human Resources Operations Certificate) is a space available by request for groups who are not associated with an academic course. Enrollment is managed manually by the creator.
  • Blackboard course (e.g. MATH 1010) is an automatically created space associated with an academic course. Enrollment and instructors of record are assigned automatically based on data in the Student Information System.

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How to Request

To request the creation of a Blackboard organization, full time faculty and staff may contact the IT Service Desk with the desired name for the organization. The requester will be made the leader of the organization and will be responsible for creating and maintaining the organization’s membership and content. If you would like to add non-OHIO users to your organization, you must first request the creation of a guest account for each user you plan to add.

Roles in Blackboard

If you are a participant in a Blackboard organization, visit our Blackboard Help and Resources: Students page for help content relevant for you.

If you are any other role, such as a Leader, visit our Blackboard Help and Resources: Instructors for help content relevant for you.

Organization Role Course Role Privileges
Leader Instructor Full access, including the ability to bulk delete all course content​
Assistant Teaching Assistant Same as Instructor/Leader, except cannot bulk delete content​
Organization Builder Course Builder Can build and modify any content, but cannot see Grade Center​
Librarian Librarian Can build and modify some content, and can modify grades​
Participant Student Can participate in the content that has been specifically assigned to them by the other roles​