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Known Issues: Blackboard Learn

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Adaptive Release

Unintended Creation of Membership Criterion

Any time the single-rule Adaptive Release configuration page is submitted, the system enables (within an existing rule or, if none exist, within a new rule) a membership criterion, but does not select users or groups that would satisfy the criterion.  The result is a rule that can never be satisfied, so the content is never released to students.  To remove the membership criterion, open the contextual menu for the affected item and select "Adaptive Release: Advanced" option.  Activate the box to the left of the rule and then click the "Delete" button.  If the rule contains more than one criterion, and you wish to leave the other criteria in place, open the rule's contextual menu and select "Manage Criteria" option, then activate the box to the left of the Membership criterion and click the "Delete" button.  To prevent reactivating this issue or activating it for other content items, avoid opening the basic/single-rule Adaptive Release configuration page.  Instead, use the "Adaptive Release: Advanced" interface to create/edit rules and criteria.

Add/Modify Enrollments Tool

Blank Enroll Users & Manage Enrollments Pages

If you are unable to add a user to a course/organization or modify existing manual enrollments because the Add/Modify Enrollments tool is loading as a blank page AND the course/organization is a recent destination for a course copy operation, then the course copy status banner (blue) at the top of the course/organization Home Page need to be dismissed.  Once the status banner is cleared, the Add/Modify Enrollments Tool will load as expected and you can proceed with adding users or modifying existing users previously added with this tool.

Users Do Not Appear on Manage Enrollments Page

The "Modify Enrollments" feature is only applicable to users who were added to the course/organization by the "Enroll Users" feature.  There are also some circumstances in which users become inaccessible even though they were added by the tool.  In these cases, please submit a request to the OIT Service Desk including the course/organization ID, the OHIO ID's of the users to be modified, and a description of the required modifications for each listed user (e.g. role change or removal from course/organization), and a Bb Support admin will process the modifications.

Browser Issues

Internet Explorer (IE) Unsupported

Blackboard no longer supports the Internet Explorer browser.  Microsoft ended active development for IE in January 2016.  Some newer features in Learn may not work, such as Attendance and Create Recording.  Reported issues isolated to Internet Explorer will not be resolved by the vendor.  We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers for Blackboard.

Do not use the Safari browser

Safari may exhibit a serious known issue related to file upload/attachment for all users.  This issue most noticeably manifests for students when they are unable to submit to assignments.  Attempting to submit an assignment by file upload/attachment in Safari throws an error, "Failed to submit assignment. Please try again."   Faculty may experience the issue when attempting to upload/attach files as course content.  To avoid this issue, we recommend the use of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers for Blackboard.

Do not use the Microsoft Edge browser

Edge has manifested some serious known issues.  For students, it may cause a blank document to be submitted to an assignment.  For students and especially instructors/course designers, pasting from Microsoft Word to the Bb text editor while using Edge adds visible characters to the text, messes up formatting, and once submitted, can interfere with the rendering and functionality of the Blackboard page.  We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers for Blackboard.

Firefox Authentication/Login Loop

If you are having difficulty logging into Blackboard while using Firefox because the landing page never loads (evidenced by white screen and rapidly changing URLs in the browser address field), please try fully clearing the cache, cookies and history, then restarting Firefox before attempting to log in again.  Alternatively, switch to Chrome as your default browser for use with Blackboard.

Quicktime not working on Mac computers in any browser

A small number of older webpages still rely on the legacy QuickTime 7 web plug-in to play media. This plug-in is no longer enabled in recent versions of OS X and some web browsers. Learn how to solve QuickTime related problems.

Fix common audio and video issues in Firefox

Sometimes, the video or audio content in a web page cannot be properly downloaded and displayed in Firefox. A required plugin may be missing, outdated, blocked, in conflict with another plugin or extension, or the content may be blocked for some reason. Learn more about Firefox audio and video issues.


Bb Dynamic Events Do not Display in External Calendars

When importing a Blackboard calendar to an external calendar application (e.g. Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc.) via the iCal external calendar link, events manually created by the user display as expected, but the external calendar will not display dynamic events generated by the system in response to Due Dates (i.e. dates for assignments, tests, etc., which update in the calendar automatically based on the item due date settings configured by the instructor).

Course Copy

Course Copy Problem

If you have used the course copy feature within Blackboard and received the following message:

The following Course Copy process has completed:
The results of the process are shown below.
Error: An error occurred while persisting the course. Please contact the Blackboard Administrator at your institution for assistance.

And then received 404 errors when accessing attached content in your destination (copy to) course;

Here are the steps to rectify this issue:

Please note: If you have any grades entered into the Grade Center, do not use this process. Contact Blackboard Support for further assistance.

1. Bulk delete the contents of your destination course (copy to). This will erase all of the data from the destination course and prevent duplication of content. For more information on bulk deletion of course content, please see the Bulk Delete Course Materials Bb Help Page.
2. In your source course (copy from), move all of your files to the course file repository. For more information on course file repository, please see the Course Files Blackboard Help Page.
3. After you have confirmed that your course files for your source course (copy from) are in the course files repository, run the course copy process again. For more information on course copy feature, please see the Copy Courses Blackboard Help Page.

You can follow our step-by-step guide for completing a Course Copy, which may help you to avoid the above course copy issue.


Accessing Content as a Web Folder

The feature that allows you to access the content of your course files area in Blackboard as a web folder is not compatible with the new single sign on authentication. You can still access your course files area, but you will need to do so within Blackboard.

Grade Center

Time Out in Needs Grading Workflow

Graders using the Needs Grading feature may notice a disruption in the workflow related to length of time spent grading/annotating an attempt.  Upon submitting the graded attempt, a grader may land on the Full Grade Center view instead of the expected screen (e.g. next attempt in 'Needs Grading' status, Needs Grading tool, or particular Smart View), resulting in the need to find/navigate to the next attempt before proceeding with the grading workflow.  The vendor is aware of the hardship caused by the issue and the importance of a fix, which is in development.

Cannot see the scroll bars on a mobile device (iPad / Safari)

1. Go to Safari Browser on your iPad and navigate to the grade center of the course you desire to work in.
2. Next to where it says "Grade Center: Full Grade Center" select the drop down button.
3. Select "Turn Screen Reader Mode on"
4. The grade center will now reload and you should see the title of the grade center change to include Screen Reader Mode Active and drop down buttons next to the column entries. You can now navigate left, right and up, down by swiping your finger across the screen while inside the box with the columns. If you swipe outside of the grade box area, you cannot navigate. The options next to each grade in the drop down menus can be accessed also.


Passwords Containing "&" and "#"

There is a known issue with Blackboard SP13 not allowing users into the system if the & and # symbols are contained in the user's password. The vendor informed us that using "&#" in that order can be treated like HTML code and should be avoided. If your password contains &# or the & and # symbol with a few characters between them, our recommendation would be to change your password to something else that contains different symbols.


See Turnitin Known Issues Page:


Viewing Reviews for PeerMark Assignments with Multiple Peer Reviews

Regardless of which peer review is selected to view, the first peer review submitted/returned is always displayed.  In order to work around this issue, select any peer review to view, then use the forward/backward (>/<) links in the upper right of the viewer to cycle through the multiple reviews. 


See VoiceThread's Blackboard Integration Known Issues:

Go to https://voicethread.com/howto/blackboard-2/ and scroll to the bottom.