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Explore a Sample Course in Blackboard: Instructors

Instructors are able to view sample Blackboard courses designed to promote best practices in course design, inclusive pedagogy, and technology for remote and online teaching. Sample course templates can be applied to your semester course via request (see instructions below).

View a Sample Blackboard Course 

To view a sample Blackboard course, follow these steps:

  1. Go to blackboard.ohio.edu and login with your OHIO email and password.  
  2. Navigate to the Organizations tab.
  3. Click on Organization Catalog at the top right of the page.
  4. Search for Sample Course in the search box and select Go.
  5. On the results page, hover your mouse over the sample course name (under the Organization ID column). A drop down menu arrow on the right-hand side of the organization name will be revealed. 
  6. Open the drop down menu, select Enroll.
  7. Follow the screen prompts to complete the enrollment process.

Once enrolled, you will be able to explore the sample course from a student's perspective.

Request a Course Template

To request the course template be applied to your semester Blackboard course, email servicedesk@ohio.edu and include:

  1. Specific instruction indicating the name of the Sample Course template to be applied to your course in Blackboard; and
  2. Include the course ID of the course to which you would like the template applied.
    • To find the course ID, open the course in Blackboard and look at the top of the course navigation menu along the left of the course entry page. Following the Course Name, you will find the Course ID enclosed in parentheses. An example Blackboard Course ID is MATH_1234_101_LEC_FALL_2020-21.