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Manually Add Users in Blackboard: Instructors

Manually Add Users

Students officially enrolled through the OHIO Registrar are loaded into your Blackboard course automatically beginning two (2) weeks before the course start date. You can add, define the roles of, and remove additional users, such as TAs or a co-instructor, at any time. For more information on course roles and controlling access to the content and tools within your course, please see the Course Roles Blackboard Help page.

The instructions below go along with this quick video: Manually Add Users - Ohio University (video hosted on Panopto)

To add additional users to your Blackboard course, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Course Tools option from the Control Panel.
  2. The “Course Tools” area will expand. Choose Add/Modify Enrollments.
  3. Choose the Enroll Users option. Enter the OHIO IDs of the users you want to add and click the Search button. (You may enter up to 25 OHIO IDs at a time.)
  4. When the entered names appear, select the checkbox to the left of each and click Submit.
  5. Choose the desired role for the users and click the Submit button.
  6. The next page will give confirmation along with the status of the enrollment in your course.