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Course Content

Blackboard provides many flexible options to organize and deliver your course content.

  • Create Course Materials - Explore the wide variety of content types and how to best use them to engage your students.
  • Create Containers for Content - Provide structure and organization to your course content using folders, learning modules, and lesson plans.
  • Digital Course Materials - Connect with OIT staff to offer digital content like ebooks and courseware for your students through the OHIO Digital Content: Inclusive Access program.
  • Libraries Content Folder - Ohio University Libraries (video hosted on YouTube) – Use this tool inside Blackboard to search for and link to licensed library content (copyright compliant) and build reading lists at the same time. 
  • Add Content from External Sources - Integrate a seamless transition to many popular online products with Content Market and Teaching Tools. 
  • Release Content - Customize your course content to meet specific rules or criteria before allowing content to be available for students.
  • Complete a Course Copy - Copy course material from one course shell into another, such as from a Master Course to a term course or across multiple sections of a course in the same term. 
  • Combine Course Sections - Prevent duplication of effort and combine multiple sections of the same course into one (1) single course.

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