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Blackboard Ultra Courses: Student Help and Resources

Here you will find student resources specific to Blackboard Ultra Courses. These resources are based on the feedback we received by our preview group participants. We recognize that while instructors had the ability to opt-in to our preview group our student participants were instead volunteered. We would like to provide a heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to these materials. 

Need help with an Original Course or Organization?


How do I know if I am in an Ultra Course?

Ultra Courses and Original Courses have a very different look, this site can help you to determine your course view. 

How do I submit an assignment?

Follow these instructions on how to submit an assignment.

How do I take a test or quiz?

Learn how to take a test or quiz by following these instructions.

How do I check my grades?

Learn how to check your grades by reviewing these instructions.

How do I work the new discussion boards?

Learn how to navigate new discussion boards.

Some of the students in my class have pictures, but I don’t.  How do I add one?

Profile pictures appear if the student has elected to upload a photo. Follow these instructions to learn how to add a photo to your profile page.

What are messages?

Watch this video to learn more about messages inside of Blackboard Ultra Courses.

How can I find more information about groups?

Learn more about Blackboard Ultra Course groups

What are conversations?

If your instructor enables the conversation option, it will allow you to discuss course content items with your classmates.

Where do I find announcements?

New announcements will appear as a popup when you first access your course. Make sure you have the popup blocker disabled for Blackboard so you are able to view announcements. If you need to reference old announcements you can find them in the Announcements section of your left course menu. 

How do I use the course calendar?

What automatically appears in your Blackboard calendar is based on what your instructor adds to the course, such as due dates or office hours. You can add your own events to the calendar as well.