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Blackboard Ultra Courses: Instructor Help and Resources

Here you will find instructor resources specific to Blackboard Ultra Courses, which are based on the feedback gathered from our preview group participants. If you need help with a Blackboard Learn Original Course or Organization, you can visit our Blackboard Help page for Instructors.


Is there training available for Ultra Courses?
  • Blackboard will be holding a special training session on January 4, 2022 
    • Find more information here
  • Blackboard offers an instructor focused webinar series 
    • Find more information here
  • Recording of the Blackboard’s Using the Ultra Gradebook Webinar from November 2021 
    • Find recording here
  • Recording of Ask the Experts: Blackboard Learn Ultra from November 2021 
    • Find recording here
  • Recording of Blackboard’s Using Groups in Blackboard Learn Ultra from November 2021 
    • Find recording here
  • Recording of Blackboard’s Improving Student Engagement Ultra from November 2021 
    • Find recording here
  • Recording of Blackboard Learn Basics for Ultra from November 2021 
    • Find recording here
  • Recording of Blackboard’s Guide to Building Mobile Content for Ultra and Original from October 2021 
    • Find recording here
  • Recording of Blackboard’s Setting up the Gradebook Learn Ultra from September 2021 
    • Find recording here
What resources are available to help my students with Ultra Courses?

Please direct your students to the Student Help and Resources page for additional information.

Do I have to build fresh content, or can I convert existing content?

There is a conversion process for existing content. You have the ability to preview your existing content in the Ultra Course format after the conversion to decide if you would prefer to convert or build fresh. You will be given a conversion exception report that indicates any features that you had been using in your Original Course that may have changed or no longer exist in Ultra Courses.

Please note that the conversion report can only review native Blackboard content, it will not include information about your publisher content or add-ons, we recommend you check those links. More information on conversion and preview processes. 

Can I copy content from an Original “Old” Course to an Ultra Course?

If a course has been set as an Ultra Course, you cannot copy content from an Original Course into that Ultra Course. However, if the destination course is still in Ultra Preview Mode, you can revert that course to an Original Course. You could then perform a normal course copy function, and then convert your destination course to Ultra.

Find more information about Ultra Course Preview Mode and the conversion process.

Can I copy from an Ultra Course to an Ultra Course?

Yes, learn more on how to copy content between Ultra Courses. 

Can I copy content from an Ultra Course to an Original course?

No, you cannot.

Do I have to copy content or can I build fresh content?

You can build your Ultra Course with fresh content. In your empty course, you can go through the conversion process and confirm that you want to use Ultra Course. Once you have done so, you can start building your content. 

What are discussion analytics?

Discussion analytics provide you with insights to forum participants and activity. This information can help you identify students who are participating or may need help and encouragement. 

Can I still view student activity on the different items in my course?

You can view student activity on items that are graded within your course. You can do so by clicking the ... (ellipsis or three dot) menu for the assessment and then selecting Student Activity

How do I view student activity for my course?

Course analytics provides an overview to see student activity for your course. 

How do I add a TA or extra instructor to my course?

To add a TA or extra instructor to your course, please contact the IT Service Desk and request assistance. 

How do I add publisher or other third party content to my course?

The following table provides information on how to add various publisher or third party add-ons to your course.

Do you have any recommended alternatives for Blogs?

Journals provide the same function with a different audience. Journals are only visible to the student and the instructor. VoiceThread could also provide a possible work around. Discussions in Ultra Courses have also been redesigned and might fit your needs. 

How can I make a portfolio assignment in an Ultra Course?

You could create an assignment that tells the students to create a portfolio (providing instructions on how to do so) and what would constitute the submission of that assignment would be the student sharing the portfolio with the instructor and pasting the link to that shared portfolio in the assignment submission.  

Can I add a Teams meeting to my course calendar?

The integration to allow this to happen is still in development, but in the meantime you can create a Teams meeting and copy the meeting content. Next, create a calendar entry within your Blackboard course and paste the meeting information. You and your students would then be able to launch the Teams meeting from within the entry in your course calendar.