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Blackboard Ultra Courses


What are Blackboard Ultra Courses?

Blackboard Ultra Courses are a completely redesigned course experience within the existing Blackboard landscape. Ultra Courses have a cleaner, more modern design with easy-to-use workflows and powerful new tools. 

We are happy to announce that Ultra View is now available for any new courses or organizations. If you are interested in applying Ultra View to your course or organization, review the additional materials below for next steps. 

Next Steps

Step 1: Is Ultra Right for Me?

Feature Changes

Ensure Ultra View's feature changes will meet your needs and keep your courses and organizations running smoothly.


Publisher & Add-on Compatibility

Ensure that your preferred publisher and add-on tools are compatible with Ultra View before making the change.


Step 2: Determine How You Will Create Content

There are three options for creating content in a course or organization with Ultra View: build it from scratch, convert content from an Original View course or organization, or copy from an existing Ultra View course or organization. See Instructor Help and Resources to determine which is right for you. 

Ensure that your preferred publisher and add-on tools are compatible with Ultra View before making the change.


Step 3: Request Ultra View be Enabled for Your Course or Organization

Contact the IT Service Desk to request that Ultra View be enabled for your course or organization. Make sure to include the Course ID or Organization ID for which you want to enable Ultra View. Don't forget to let us know how you plan to create your content.  


Why Ultra Courses?

Modern Look

Content is displayed on a single page, with folders that expand and collapse, making it easier for students to find the content they need. Tools are contextual to reduce clicks and content appears in the course using peek layers that slide from the right.

New Ways to Add Content

Quickly add files, links, assessments, and other content wherever you want. Building content has never been easier with a brand-new text editor, the ability to drag and drop files directly to the course content area, and an integration with cloud storage.

Build Complex Content as Documents

The Ultra Courses contain a new content type called Document that allows you to build complex pages with a mix of text, images, videos, and files. Best of all, Documents are optimized for mobile devices so students can view them directly from a smartphone browser.

Conversations for Student Questions

You can enable conversations for Documents, Assignments, and Tests that will allow students to ask for help, share sources, or answer questions that others have, with the conversation being tied to that specific content.

Grading Enhancements

The default view of your Gradebook, Item List, allows you to quickly see how many students have submitted an assignment/assessment, how many you need to grade, and how many grades need to be posted. Grades are kept private until you are ready to post them. Past due assessments are automatically assigned a zero. And you can set accommodations once for a student and apply that to all assessments.

Communicating with Students

You can get to know your students by viewing their profile pictures in your Roster, Gradebook, Discussions, Conversations, and Messages. In Ultra Courses you communicate with your students via Messages rather than email, and unlike email, Messages keeps a record of the sent messages. Course Announcements appear as pop-ups in your course.

Integrates with Microsoft Teams for Classroom

Current integration allows for the creation of a Class Team from within your Ultra Course which automatically updates based on your Blackboard roster. Coming soon is the ability to integrate Teams meetings within your Ultra Course.

New Analytics and Reporting

Ultra View includes Discussion Analytics, new reports for Course Activity Related to Grades, and new question analytics.