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Affordable Learning Content Awareness Roadmap

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Affordable Learning Content Awareness Campaign Goals

  • Support Creation of Sustainable Affordable Learning Content Ecosystem is ongoing. The target date for completion is end of Q1 of 2022.
  • Optimize & Grow the Inclusive Access Program is ongoing. The target date for completion is mid Q4 of 2021.

Research indicates that students who have access to course materials on the first day of class have an increased chance at course success. These success measures include improving DFW rates and end of course grades for all students. This research also found that these improvements in student success metrics have an even greater impact on students who may struggle financially, such as Pell recipients (Colvard, et al., 2018).

In August 2019 we formed a cross-departmental collaboration between University Libraries, the Office of Instructional Innovation and the Office of Information Technology.

  • Create and promote campus awareness for affordable learning content that is available on the first day of class, leveraging our current initiatives.
  • Assess the effectiveness of our programs and how they impact OHIO students.
  • Depending on the data assessment, propose next steps for Spring 2021 and beyond to either adjust our programs or grow the use of affordable learning content at OHIO.

Service Owner – Eszti Major-Rohrer