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Getting Started

To learn more about what you can do with Qualtrics, start with the following qualtrics.com web pages:

  • Project Basic Overview - an overview of how to make, collaborate on, and distribute projects, including surveys
  • Survey Basic Overview - an overview of how to create survey questions and what you can get a survey to do
  • Qualtrics Support - Qualtrics' centralized website with help articles, on-demand training, and community support.

Microsoft Forms vs. Qualtrics

Attend a Workshop

Hands-on help

Attend Workshop

Our live workshops provide a hands-on overview and the opportunity to ask OIT staff questions.


Request Consultation

Need more personalized help? Request a Tool-Focused Consultation with OIT staff.

How To

Move Surveys or Data From Other Tools

Most survey providers do not support exporting existing survey questions. If you have a survey hosted with a provider like Survey Monkey, you will need to recreate that survey manually in Qualtrics. You can speed this process up by using copy/paste to transfer your survey question and answer text.

To move survey response data from another provider to Qualtrics, follow your provider's directions to download the results to your hard drive and then upload them to your new Qualtrics account. Learn more about uploading data to Qualtrics,


Frequently Asked Questions

Collaboration: Email invitations

Qualtrics distinguishes between people who have an active OHIO Qualtrics account and those who do not when you invite them to collaborate on a survey. 

Active OHIO users

If you share a survey with someone who has an active OHIO Qualtrics account, their name will appear in a search results drop down as you type their email address into the Add dialog. Choosing their name from the list and clicking Add will cause your shared survey to appear in their My Surveys tab the next time they log in to Qualtrics. Ignoring this drop down will cause your recipient to be treated like an external user (see below).


External users & OHIO users who have not activated their Qualtrics account

If you share a survey with someone who does not have an active OHIO Qualtrics account, then Qualtrics will send that person an email invitation with a collaboration code. The recipient will need to enter that collaboration code before your survey will be visible to them.

The following recipients will receive an email invitation:

  • A non-OHIO email address

  • A current OHIO faculty, staff, or student who has yet to activate his or her OHIO Qualtrics account

  • An active OHIO Qualtrics user, if you type that person's full email address and click Add without first choosing his or her name from the drop down list

Currently, email invitations include an incorrect login URL. Qualtrics is aware of this issue and is working on resolving it. In the meantime, OHIO users can activate their account at qualtrics.ohio.edu and then follow the remaining instructions in their email invitation. Non-OHIO users may receive a "code not found" error when they try to activate.

How to increase your weekly email sending limit

By default, OHIO Qualtrics limits you to sending a maximum of 5000 survey invitation emails per week.  If you are building a survey that is likely to require more than 5000 invitations, contact the IT Service Desk to request an increase before you distribute your survey.

Change ownership of a survey

It is possible to transfer ownership of a survey. The procedure for requesting a transfer differs based on the current owner's status in the OHIO community.

Owner is a Current OHIO User:

  1. Make sure the new owner has logged into Qualtrics at least once, so that their account will show as active.

  2. The current survey owner should contact the IT Service Desk to submit a request with the following information:

    • Owner's OHIO ID

    • Title of survey to be transferred

    • OHIO ID of new owner

Owner Has or Will Be Separated from the University:

  1. The survey owner's former manager, or equivalent, should complete the Request for IT Resources form and submit it to the department's HR Liaison, who will guide the request through established channels.
Using header and footer text to customize your survey

Qualtrics lets you add custom text to the top and bottom of the generic OHIO survey template.  This is an easy way to add your department or research project's name and contact info for surveys you create. 

To add header/footer text to a survey, click the "Look and Feel" button (paint roller icon at left), then select the "General" tab and type the desired text into the Header and/or Footer fields.

Require participants to authenticate with OHIO Single Sign On prior to accessing survey questions and/or collect embedded data (name, email), even when distributing a single anonymous survey link

Follow these steps to embed an SSO Authenticator in a Qualtrics survey:

  1. Open the survey and select "Survey Flow" from the menu at left
  2. Click "+ Add a New Element Here"
  3. Select "Authenticator"
  4. For Authenticator Type, select "SSO"
  5. Deactivate the "Associate Respondent with Panel" option
  6. Select "Capture respondent identifying info" option (if desired)
  7. Click "Add Embedded Data" link
  8. In the revealed "Embedded Data to Set" and "Field from SSO" fields, enter the following embedded data information (use only the items which correspond to the data you wish to capture), clicking the green plus (+) icon to create additional rows:
  9. For SSO Type, select "Shibboleth"
  10. In order to require authentication before survey questions are presented, ensure the SSO Block appears before/above the Question Block (use drag-and-drop to reorder blocks)
  11. Click "Apply" to save the flow
  12. Make sure to publish the survey in order to effect changes
Configure a survey to send stakeholders an email when a response is submitted

This has traditionally been accomplished with Qualtrics' Email Triggers feature.  However, Qualtrics recommends the use of the Actions feature instead because it has the following improvements over triggers:

  • Actions allow the use of Library Messages (thus providing message translations) for the email body and subject.
  • Actions Reporting provides functional confirmation and simplifies troubleshooting if there's a problem.
  • Actions can be triggered not just by survey response completion, but also by survey response edits, events in Salesforce, an ongoing schedule, changes made to tickets, and other events.


Configuring Actions to send response emails to project stakeholders can be accomplished with the following procedure:

  1. Open the relevant survey
  2. Select "Actions" tab
  3. Click "Create an Action"
  4. Select "Event-based"
  5. Choose "Survey Response" event
  6. Activate "Newly Created Response" option
  7. Click "Finish" button
  8. Click the plus (+) icon below the new action
  9. Select "Task"
  10. Choose "Email" type
  11. Complete the email form
  12. Activate the "Include Response Report" option (as well as the "Include Recipient Data" option, if desired)
  13. Click "Save" button

Qualtrics User Community

OHIO already has many Qualtrics users with a wealth of experience creating academic research surveys. To tap into that collective wisdom, consider joining the OHIO Qualtrics users email list.