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Comparison: Microsoft Forms vs. Qualtrics

At a glance

  • Microsoft Forms can be used to make simple surveys and self-graded quizzes, but by requesting help from the Service Desk, you can use Forms to automate things like:
    • Approval processes with multiple steps and approvers
    • Custom email notifications based on response criteria
  • Qualtrics is a powerful survey platform with a wide variety of question types, email triggers, distribution options, and collaboration settings ideal for data collection and research projects.


Feature Microsoft Forms Qualtrics
Question type: Multiple choice Yes Yes
Question type: File upload Yes Yes
Display logic & branching Yes Yes
Allows for anonymous responses Yes Yes
Built-in distribution via email No Yes
Built-in distribution via SMS No Yes
Ability to track which individuals have responded No Yes
Automated email reminders No Yes
Other configurable email triggers No Yes
Download raw response data Yes Yes
Automated accessibility/usability review No Yes

Question Types: Microsoft Forms vs. Qualtrics

Question Type Microsoft Forms Qualtrics
Multiple Choice Yes Yes
Text Entry Yes Yes
Rank Order Yes Yes
Matrix Table No Yes
Slider Yes Yes
Side by Side No Yes
Constant Sum No Yes
Hot Spot No Yes
Graphic Slider No Yes
Drill Down No Yes
Pick Group and Rank No Yes
Heat Map No Yes
Net Promoter® Score Yes Yes
Highlight No Yes
Signature No Yes
Timing No Yes
File Upload Yes Yes
Screen Capture No Yes
Captcha Verification No Yes
Likert Yes Yes
Branching Yes Yes
Meta Info No Yes

Distribution Options: Microsoft Forms vs. Qualtrics

Distribution option Microsoft Forms Qualtrics
Via email Yes, using your email client Yes, through Qualtrics directly
Via link Yes Yes
Via social media No Yes
Via SMS No Yes
Via QR code Yes Yes
Allows anonymous submissions Yes Yes
Ability to track individual respondents No Yes
Set start and end dates for response collection Yes Yes

Collaboration Options: Microsoft Forms vs. Qualtrics

Collaborative option Microsoft Forms Qualtrics
Allows multiple collaborators Yes Yes
Allows OHIO collaborators Yes Yes
Allows non-OHIO collaborators Yes Yes
Configure which survey data individual collaborators have access to No Yes
Configure whether an individual collaborator can activate/deactivate a survey No Yes
Configure whether an individual collaborator can copy a survey project No Yes
Configure whether an individual collaborator can distribute a survey No Yes


Reporting Options: Microsoft Forms vs. Qualtrics

Reporting option Microsoft Forms Qualtrics
Customizable visualizations of results data No, default visualization is not customizable Yes
Ability to format your reports No, default report is not customizable Yes
Shareable reports via link Yes Yes
Download raw survey data Yes Yes