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Create a Questionnaire: Class Climate

Download a PDF version of these instructions

Class Climate comes with the VividForms Editor web based software, which runs directly in the Class Climate interface. Once the Editor is open, you can download a detailed PDF manual by clicking any “Help” button. These instructions are the most basic steps to create a questionnaire. If you wish to use additional features, we recommend you refer to the PDF manual that can be downloaded from within Class Climate.

Create a Questionnaire in Class Climate

  1. Click the Questionnaires tab across the top of the screen.
  2. Click the Create Questionnaire option from the Questionnaires menu along the left side of the screen.
  3. On the next screen, select the VividForms Editor.
  4. The first Form Wizard window will open.  Enter a title for the questionnaire and an abbreviated name (5-10 characters with no spaces).
  5. Do NOT activate template mode at this point.  Wait until the questionnaire is finished and come back to do this if you want to make it a template for future questionnaires.
  6. Access all functions from the Editor Control along the left side of the questionnaire creation screen.
  7. To start, click Add Question Group from the Add section of the Editor Control menu.  A Question Group is a section of the questionnaire.  This first one should include an introductory text and the instructions in the Title field.  No need to select an indicator for this.  Check the box to convert the group to a Text Element, then click Apply.
  8. Click Add Question Group again.  This time include a title for this first (or perhaps only) section of the questionnaire (depending on your plans for formatting).  An example for a question group title is “The Course” for questions about the course itself (versus the instructor).  If applicable, select an indicator that describes the format of your questions.  Do not select the check box for Text Element this time.  Click the Apply button to add the heading.
  9. You should now see additional options in the Editor Control, such as Add Question.
  10. Click Add Question to create the first question in this question group.  
  11. Select the appropriate question type, for example Scaled Question, then click the Next button.
  12. Enter the question text, then select the number of response options you wish to be available and select “Activated” or “Deactivated” for the Abstention option (allows students to indicate that the question is not applicable).
  13. Enter the desired pole labels for this question.  Common pole labels include “Strongly Disagree” and “Strongly Agree.”
  14. Choose the type of diagram to be included in reports for the Question Group.
  15. Choose whether to use the above settings as the default for subsequent scaled questions.
  16. Choose whether to apply the above settings to all other scaled questions (in the entire questionnaire, or just the question group).  Click Apply.
  17. Repeat relevant steps for each question in the question group.
  18. When ready to move on to the next question group, start again at step 7.

NOTE: To edit an existing question or question group, click on the question/group to highlight it, then click it again.

NOTE: To preview the form, click the appropriate preview link across the top of the screen.