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Create a new course: Class Climate

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Most courses are loaded into Class Climate automatically from PeopleSoft. Full term courses are loaded four weeks before the course end date. Courses that run for less than a full term (e.g. Summer session courses and those in the 5 week and 7 week programs) load two weeks prior to the course end date. At least 5 students must be enrolled in a course for it to load to the system.

In cases where a course is not automatically loaded, the subunit administrator can create that course manually.

Creating a Course in Class Climate

  1. Choose the subunit in which you wish to create the course and click on it to view the list of instructors.
  2. Click on the number in the CO column next to the instructor of the class you want to add.
  3. You should see “Courses of <instructor’s name>” at the top of this screen and the list of courses.  At the very bottom of the list, there a button, “Create new course.”  Click this button.
  4. Now enter the relevant information into at least the required fields (marked by red asterisk).  It is recommended to also include Evaluation Period (i.e. the term in which this particular section is offered) and the Course Type (e.g. Lecture, Lab, etc.).
  5. Next click the Administrate Participants button out to the right.  On this page, you can try importing a CSV file of just the students’ email addresses, or you can add them individually by clicking the Add button and pasting a student email into the Email field, then clicking the Searchbutton.  The address will show up in the “Email” field of the “Details of the participants” section, then you can click Save (no need to add other details) and repeat the process for each student email.