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Change the Text of Notification Emails: Class Climate

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In Class Climate, the emails generated for survey invitations, reminders, response rate notifications, and results reports can be adjusted from the system default by the subunit administrator. Text templates are based on the questionnaire, so each questionnaire can have a different set of emails. Besides changing the text templates based on the subunit and subject matter of the questionnaire, they need to be changed every term so that the dates and times are current and accurate (e.g. deadline for responses).

Change Text Templates in Class Climate

  1. Login to Class Climate.
  2. Click the Questionnaires tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Find the relevant questionnaire in your list.
  4. Open the Details page for that questionnaire by selecting Details from the Action drop-down menu.
  5. Near the center of the page, find a box titled “Advanced Settings” and below it a drop-down menu. Select Text Templates from the drop-down (may already be in place).  
  6. Click the Edit button to the right of the drop-down menu.
  7. In the Action box, find the “EMAIL: PSWDs for online survey participant” item and click it to highlight it.
  8. The Reference and Text fields below should populate the current text template for PSWD for online survey participant email messages (i.e. survey invitation).
  9. You can make whatever changes you see fit, just remember to update the dates and times, and click the Save button when you’re finished.
  10. Repeat steps 7 through 9 for each text template you wish to update.

You’ll want to at least change the “EMAIL: PSWDs for online survey participant” template, “EMAIL: Remind online survey participant” template, and “EMAIL: Notification of response rate” template, if you’re using the reminders and response rate notification features. Please remember to include the appropriate contact information for your subunit administrator or other point of contact for evaluations.

NOTE: The bracketed text in a text template or questionnaire (e.g. [SURVEY]) indicates placeholders for data that changes based on each individual survey. You can change the default placeholders, and/or add others as needed. For a list of permissible place holders for email texts, PDF letters and questionnaires, see the Class Climate User Guide (download by clicking any “Help” link from within Class Climate).