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Adobe Acrobat Pro availability will change Nov. 1, 2019

This story was edited on December 12, 2019.

If you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro that you downloaded from the OIT Software page or that was installed on your university-owned computer via Software Center, Managed Software Center, or Self Service, that copy will stop working on November 1, 2019. 

This is the result of a recent lawsuit filed against Adobe by another company for unauthorized use of code belonging to that company.

Recommended Actions

You have several options based on how you use Acrobat:

  • Acrobat Reader for viewing/printing - This free version of Acrobat works well for viewing/printing PDFs and can be used to fill out PDF-based forms. Acrobat Reader is available on managed university computers through Software Center (Windows) and Managed Software Center or Self Service (Macs). You also can download a copy from Adobe's website.
  • "Export/Save as PDF" for creating files - If you need to create PDFs, most applications can save or export in PDF format. The Save as PDF feature in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint also includes an option to make your PDF accessible. It's also possible to use your computer's "Print" dialog to create a PDF from any application that supports printing. 
  • Acrobat Pro for creating forms, converting/modifying/annotating existing PDFs, and identifying/fixing accessibility issues - If you need to create interactive forms with fields that users fill out, if you need to modify or convert existing PDFs, or if you need to use Acrobat's advanced accessibility reporting features, contact the IT Service Desk to request a copy of Acrobat Pro that will be valid through August 2020 when the university's current Adobe license expires.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk.