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Student Printing

Centrally managed, Bobcat Cash-based printing for students. Guest print cards are available for employees and visitors. 

How to Access 



Students and guest cardholders can print directly from public workstations in the following locations. Students (but not guests) also have the option of printing remotely.

Athens Campus

  • Academic Research Center
    First Floor Vending Area
  • Alden Library 
    (2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors)
  • Baker University Center
    Bobcat Depot (first floor)
    514 (computer lab)
  • Copeland Hall
    018 (College of Business Help Desk)
  • Glidden Hall
    Music & Dance Library (5th Floor)
  • Grover Center
    College of Health Sciences & Professions Computer Lab
  • Grosvenor Hall
    Heritage College of Medicine Learning Resource Center (LRC)
  • Lindley Hall
    College of Education
    Curriculum & Technology Center
    (3rd Floor)
  • Morton Hall
    2nd Floor Vending Area
  • Porter Hall
    1st Floor (next to the elevator)
    117 (computer lab)

Dublin Campus

  • Integrated Education Center Lab
    Medical Education Building 1 Learning Resource Center (LRC)


  • To request a printer: University departments
  • To use a printer: Current students, plus anyone who purchases a guest printing card.

How to Request