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Guest Printing

OHIO employees, guests, and members of the general public can print to the student printing stations located in Alden Library and other public locations by purchasing a guest printing card.

How to Access

  • Card services login(opens in a new window) - The first time you login, you will need the unique number printed on the front of your card.
    • Register a new card to your name.
    • Add value or view your balance. You also can add funds via the Value Transfer Station vending machine in the 2nd floor Learning Commons of Alden Library.
    • Deactivate a lost/stolen card.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If your card is lost or stolen, you should deactivate it immediately:

  1. Login to card services(opens in a new window).
  2. From the main menu, select Card Services then Deactivate Card.
  3. Replacement cards can be purchased for $2.00 from the Value Transfer Station in the 2nd floor Learning Commons of Alden Library.

If you need assistance deactivating a card or would like to transfer your balance to a new card, contact the IT Service Desk. NOTE: If you did not register your original card, then there is no way to deactivate it or transfer its balance. 


  • Black and white or color printing
  • 8.5 x 11 size
  • Single or double sided
  • Pay as you go


How to Request

  • Personal use: Guest printing cards can be purchased for a one-time $2.00 fee from a special vending machine called a Value Transfer Station in the 2nd floor Learning Commons of Alden Library. We recommend registering your card online(opens in a new window). Registering your card makes it possible to deactivate it and order a new card if the original gets lost or stolen. 
  • Departmental use: To request a guest printing card for departmental use, contact the IT Service Desk.


Guest Printing Rates
Size Black & White


8.5 x 11 Single Sided $0.05 $0.25
8.5 x 11 Double Sided $0.05 $0.50

Terms and Conditions

Guest printing cards are non-transferable and non-refundable. Balances carry over automatically to each new semester and academic year; however, after 18 months of inactivity, any balance on the card will be forfeited, and the account will be closed.

Documentation and Disclosures

Login to card services(opens in a new window) to view your transaction history. For additional information, contact the IT Service Desk.

If any statement shows transactions that were not made by the cardholder, the cardholder should send written notice to servicedesk@ohio.edu immediately. If we are not notified within 60 days after the statement was made available to the cardholder in eAccounts, the amount charged may be forfeited if the University can prove it could have stopped illegal use of the card had it been notified.

The University will only disclose information about print card accounts to third parties when it is necessary for completing transactions; in order to comply with government agencies, internal University investigations, or any court orders; or with written permission from the cardholder.

Financial Liability

Lost or stolen card liability states that if the University is notified of the lost card within two business days, the cardholder will be responsible for no more than $10. Failure to notify the University within two days may result in a maximum liability of $50, providing the University can prove it could have prevented the illegal use of the card.