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Voicemail Single Inbox Request

This feature allows your voicemail messages to be delivered to your email inbox.  This is a fully synchronized service.  If you listen to the voicemail either from your phone or computer it will be reflected as read on both systems.  Also, if you delete the message from either system it will remove it from the other.

By checking this box I agree that I have read and understand the following: Please be aware that if you enable Single Inbox, you may be tempted to retain voicemail messages longer than you might retain them without Single Inbox. While voicemail messages qualify as public records, they are usually “transitory”, meaning that they can and should be destroyed once they are no longer of administrative value to the receiver. In the event of a public records request, a responsive record must be produced even if it could have been destroyed prior to the request for the record. Accordingly, you should keep in mind that, when you maintain voicemail messages for longer than required, this increases the chance that you will be required to provide voicemail messages that you might otherwise have deleted in a timely fashion.
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