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Help and Resources: Cisco 8831

Getting Started

Click the link for a printable PDF of the Cisco 8831 quick start card (PDF).

Place a Call

Place a Call

Athens Campus: Last 5 digits
Regional Campus: 10 digit number using area code
Local Calls: 9 + 10 digit number using area code
Domestic Long Distance: 9 + 1 + area code + telephone number
International Long Distance: 9 + 011 + country code + city + number
Toll Free: 9 + 1 + 8xx + number

How To

Basic Tasks

Place call Press the Call
button. You can do this before or after dialing.
Answer call While the phone is ringing, press the Call button
End call Press End Call
Redial Press Redial
Mute conference station Press the Mute
button on the sound base, display control unit, or microphone.
  • When muted, the LED will be red.
  • When active, the LED will be green.
View call history Press Apps and select Call History. To dial, highlight a listing and then press Dial
Hold/Resume call Press Hold. To resume a call, press Call
or Resume
Transfer call to a new number Press Transfer, enter the number, and then press Transfer again
Start a standard (ad hoc) conference call Press Conference, dial a participant, and press Conference again. You may continue to add participants (up to 16 total).
Forward all calls Press Fwd All


Common Icons

Line and Call State
Call on hold
Connected call
Incoming call
Shared line in use
Other Features
Selected option
Linked mode
Microphone on

Wireless Microphones


OIT will set up and configure the wireless microphones to work with your conferencing unit. All units and wireless microphones are paired together and cannot be used in other conference rooms.

Please do not attempt to move the wireless microphones. If you need assistance, please contact OIT.

Using your microphone(s)

To start using the microphones simply remove them from the charging station and place them at your desired location.

NOTE: Pressing Mute on any device connected to the conference phone will mute the entire system. For example, if you have two wireless microphones connected to the same base, pressing Mute on one microphone will mute both microphones and the base.

Charging your microphone(s)

Please make sure you return the microphones to the charging station when not in use.

  • When the units are fully charged, the green light will be on
  • When the microphone needs to be charged, the red light will be on.


If you are having issues, contact the IT Service Desk and provide the following information:

  • Your OHIO email address
  • The university telephone number of the conferencing unit