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Help and Resources: Telephones

Getting Started

If you will be working from home, you can access your phone and voicemail remotely, including call forwarding.

Place a Call

Place a Call

Athens Campus: Last 5 digits
Regional Campus: 10 digit number using area code
Local Calls: 9 + 10 digit number using area code
Domestic Long Distance: 9 + 1 + area code + telephone number
International Long Distance: 9 + 011 + country code + city + number
Toll Free: 9 + 1 + 8xx + number

Accessing Voicemail

  • Description and Access explains how to access your voicemail from a variety of devices
  • Help and Resources includes information on additional features, such as receiving voicemail notifications via email or SMS
  • Accessibility contains resources for accessible navigation of Cisco WebInbox

Self Care Portal: Modify your phone settings online

The Cisco Unified Communications Self Care Portal lets you create speed dial entries and modify basic telephone settings via the web. You need to be on-campus or connected to the VPN to use this feature. If you have issues with the web interface loading, we recommend trying a different browser. 


If your phone will not power on:

  1. Ensure the network cable is plugged into the back of the phone in the network port 
  2. Follow the network cable to the wall and make sure the cable is plugged into a network jack on the wall

If you are still having issues, contact the IT Service Desk and provide the following information:

  • Your OHIO email address.
  • The University telephone number having trouble.
  • The MAC address of the phone (found on a sticker on the back of the phone)
  • The phone's building and room location
  • The jack number (found on the network jack the phone is plugged into)