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Send and receive faxes via email or over the web.



  • Send faxes via email or web upload.
  • Can be configured to accept incoming faxes.
  • Paper documents can be faxed by scanning into a compatible format and then using either email or web upload.

Supported Formats

PDF, JPG, GIF, HTML, RTF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Paper Faxes

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Ohio University discourages the use of paper faxes. If you must send or receive a conventional paper fax, then you will need to use a departmental printer that has the XMediusFAX app installed on it. Contact the IT Service Desk for more information.


  • Faculty and staff

How to Request

  • To send a fax via email or web, no request is needed. The service is available to all faculty and staff. 
  • Contact the IT Service Desk to request any of the following:
    • An incoming fax number for email/web delivery.
    • An analog phone line for a traditional fax machine (fee applies).
    • XMediusFAX app for a departmental printer (fee applies).