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Service Support: Propose a Project

If you have an IT need that is not met by an existing service, we can work with you to identify possible solutions and provide detailed price estimates on implementing those solutions.


  • Faculty and staff who have budget authority and/or their delegate. Students who would like to request an IT project should work with a faculty of staff member to sponsor their request.

How to Request

Complete our online project request form(opens in a new window)

At a minimum, your project request must include:

  • Project Name or suggested name.
  • Project Sponsor Name and Email - An individual with operational authority at the University to authorize resources, allocate budget, and make policy decisions that enable the project team to deliver solutions.
  • Project Description & Requirements - Detailed description of the project's purpose, its intended business value, and a list of all requirements the project must meet.
  • Risks if project not completed by preferred completion date - Describe risks or potential disruptions if project is not completed.
  • Project Advantages - Describe benefits/outcomes of implementing project.

Additional fields are available on the project request form. Completing the form in full better assists our team in evaluating your request. Failing to do so may result in prolonged analysis and planning time for your request.