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Help and Resources: Attendance Tracking

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Set up attendance tracking and view reports

Any instructor of record (as identified in PeopleSoft) who is teaching in one of our reader-equipped rooms can enable attendance tracking:

  1. Log into the attendance tracking app.
  2. Choose Add New Class and follow the on-screen prompts.
  3. You can allow other individuals like TAs and departmental support staff to access attendance reports entering their OHIO IDs in the appropriate field when setting your class up for tracking.

Once attendance tracking is enabled for your class, you can log back in to the system to view attendance reports at any time. The system processes attendance records overnight, so reports for any given day will not be available until the next business day.

The readers themselves require no configuration or changes by the instructor. They are always online and ready to scan cards for attendance tracking. The attendance tracking system is tied into PeopleSoft, which identifies what classes are in which classrooms at any particular time. The system begins accepting attendance swipes for a class 15 minutes before it begins, and will continue to accept swipes until 5 minutes after it ends.


Swiping in for class

When you arrive for class in a classroom where the instructor is utilizing attendance tracking, all you need to do is swipe your OHIO ID card through the card reader near the entrance on your way into class. The reader will beep and display a green icon that says 'accepted' when you swipe your card.

Many classrooms with multiple entrances are equipped with two card readers to reduce the amount of time needed for students to swipe in.

When to swipe in

You will be counted as present for class if you swipe your ID card between 15 minutes prior to the class start time and 5 minutes after class is over. For example, if you have a class from 2:00-3:30pm, you must swipe between 1:45-3:35pm to be counted as present.

If you fail to swipe in during the allowed timeframe for the class, you will be reported as absent.

Back-to-back classes in the same room

If you have two classes in the same classroom that are back-to-back, we recommend not swiping into the second class until the end of that class session to ensure that you appropriately appear as present for both classes.

If your ID card does not work

If your ID card will not register when swiped, visit the Bobcat Depot in Baker University Center to have your card tested. If it is defective or damaged, they can replace it for you.

Special events

Any faculty or staff member can request attendance tracking in a reader-equipped lecture hall. Readers also can be set up temporarily in the Baker University Center Ballroom Pre-Function area, the Baker University Center Multipurpose Room 242, and Schoonover 145. To request attendance tracking for an event, contact the IT Service Desk.