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Wi-Fi: Athens Campus Coverage


Map of Athens campus outdoor wi-fi coverage
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Most buildings on the Athens campus have wi-fi. Reception also is available in many outdoor locations and parking lots. The table below summarizes parking lot coverage info in the map linked above.


Parking Lot # Wi-Fi Coverage Location
2 full by Gordy Hall
4 full by Scott Quad
6 full by Scott Quad
36 full by Trisolini House
37 full by Jennings House
38 full by Glidden Hall
39 full by Seigfred Hall
40 full by Seigfred Hall
43 full by Putnam Hall
51 full by Pickering Hall
52 full by Pickering Hall
53 full by Pickering Hall
54 full by Pickering Hall
56 partial by True House
57 full by True House
58 full by Wray House
78 full under Nelson Commons
79 full under Pickering Hall, Brown House, Crawford Hall, and Mackinnon Hall
86 full by Clippinger Laboratories
87 full by Ping Recreation Center
88 full by Clippinger Laboratories
90 partial by Morton Hall
93 full by Golf and Tennis Facility
115 full by Stocker Center
119 full by Boyd Hall
120 full by Porter Hall
122 partial by Baker University Center
132 partial by Peden Stadium
134 partial by Walter Hall
18 full by Lasher and Haning Halls
19 full by Lasher and Haning Halls
20 full by Central Classroom Building
41 partial by Sculpture Studio
44 partial by McCracken Hall
104 partial by Jefferson Hall
127 partial by Convocation Center
128 full by Convocation Center
129 full by Convocation Center
133 full by Walter Fieldhouse
145 full by Facilities Management Shop
147 full by Human Resources and Training Center
154 partial by West Union Street Office Center (WUSOC)