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VPN Access

Fast, secure off-campus access to online resources such as remote desktop, remote printing, or shared network storage that normally would require you to be connected to the on-campus network. The VPN creates an encrypted "tunnel" that protects your network traffic from being captured by unauthorized individuals.


Accessing the VPN varies across each operating system. Step by step instructions are below:

Follow these instructions if you are using Azure Multi-Factor Authentication:


  • Uses the built-in VPN capabilities of Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS.
  • Supports many basic, secure services. 
  • No additional client software needed.
  • When enabled, all traffic from that device is tunneled through the VPN.
  • Maximum session length: 10 hours
  • Address range: subnet


  • Faculty, staff, and emeriti.
  • Graduate student employees.
  • You must be enrolled in multi-factor authentication.
  • Multi-factor defaults to a push notification for the VPN.
  • The Ohio University VPN is not supported on T-Mobile home internet.

How to Request

Access is enabled by default for all faculty, staff, emeriti, and graduate student employees. Students or guests who need VPN access should contact the IT Service Desk