Ohio University

Network Upgrade



Detailed upgrade schedule

Beginning in spring 2018, OIT embarked on a multi-year project to completely refresh the University's wired and wireless networks. 

Goals and Benefits

The upgrade will make OHIO's network capable of supporting an infrastructure that can be updated on a regular basis. To reach this goal, OIT will bring the University's wired infrastructure up to speed, both literally and figuratively.

The upgrade will feature a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased speed for wired connections and Wi-Fi.
  • An increase in the reliability of Wi-Fi coverage.

In previous years, OIT had undertaken a massive upgrade effort over a brief period.  This current initiative includes the creation of a continuous improvement plan for our network.  



Our last comprehensive wired network upgrade happened a decade ago. Much of that equipment remains in service and needs to be replaced.


Network demand continues to increase each year. Faculty, staff, and students expect our network to facilitate their teaching, learning, research, and on-campus living needs. We cannot continue to meet those expectations with equipment that is reaching the end of its useful life.

Preparing for a wireless future

Our network infrastructure needs to reach a standard that will support future expansion of wireless network coverage while providing acceptable performance for individuals who still need access to a wired connection. OHIO's wireless already is significantly faster than the wired network, and that advantage will increase as part of this upgrade. Wireless devices can be moved around at will: no need to have a wired port activated in a new location. 

Our commitment to you

This network upgrade is a large project that will span multiple years and there may be service disruptions. Please bear with us. We make the following commitment to you, the faculty, staff, and students of Ohio University:

  • We will respect your work. Whenever possible, we will schedule disruptive changes during times of low demand, and we will keep the University's academic and administrative calendars in mind as we plan our work.
  • We will minimize the impact. Changes that may require an outage will receive close scrutiny. Given a choice between more effort for us or less impact for you, we will choose the former.
  • We will communicate. You will always know in advance what we plan to do and when we plan to do it. Communication methods will include OHIO News and OHIO Employee News stories, targeted email messages, physical signs in buildings where upgrade crews are working, and descriptive notes technicians can leave behind if they make any changes to a space while its occupants are away.