Ohio University

Mailman Listservs

Opt-in/out, listserv-style mailing lists for small or large groups that include both OHIO and non-OHIO email addresses.


  • Single address: Messages sent to the list address are delivered all members.
  • One-way or two-way: A Mailman list can be a two-way discussion forum, or it can be an announcement list that only accepts mail from specific senders.
  • Moderation: Messages can be delivered immediately, or they can be held for approval by the list moderator(s).
  • Membership management - In most cases, you can manage your own list's membership.

Best uses

  • Discussion groups and announcement lists where at least some of the subscribers have non-OHIO email addresses.
  • If your list will be limited to OHIO email users, then you should use a Catmail distribution group instead.


  • Creation: You must be a current employee, emeriti, or a registered student organization to request a Mailman list.
  • Access: Anyone with a valid email address can be a member of a Mailman list.

How to request


  • Mailman documentation (hosted on gnu.org) - Includes detailed how-to information, including guides for list owners and list members.
  • Directory of public lists - List of all OHIO-hosted Mailman lists. Note: if a list owner flags his or her list as 'private,' then it will not appear here.