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University brand toolkit: email signature guidelines

Create/manage signatures in Outlook

Keep in mind that signatures you create in Outlook are stored on your computer. If you also want a signature in OWA, you will need to set it up there separately.

  1. On the Home tab, click New E-mail.
  2. On the Message tab, click Signature
  3. Choose Edit Signatures... (Mac) or Signatures... (Windows).
  4. The resulting dialog will let you create signatures, edit or delete existing signatures and specify a default signature. If you do not choose a default signture, you still can add a signature manually when sending a message.

Outlook allows you to create as many signatures as you like.

Add or change a signature for an individual message

  1. When composing a message, go to the Message tab and click Signature.
  2. If you configured more than one signature in Outlook, you can choose which one to use from the resulting drop-down list.

Create/edit a signature in Outlook on the Web

OWA only supports having a single signature. To create or edit your signature:

  1. Log into https://catmail.ohio.edu.
  2. Click the gear icon and choose View all Outlook Settings
  3. Click Compose and reply on the Mail tab
  4. The resulting dialog will let you create your signature and specify whether it should be included automatically.
  5. When finished, click Save

Add your signature to a message in OWA

If you did not configure OWA to automatically add your signature, you can add it manually:

  1. When composing a message, click the three dots icon in the toolbar.
  2. Choose Insert signature.