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OnBase: Hyland Unity Client Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading your Hyland Unity Client requires three separate steps: stopping the Hyland Unity Client service, uninstalling the old client, and installing the new client. 

  1. To uninstall the Hyland Unity Client you must first stop the Windows Service it is running as. In the bottom right hand corner of your Windows screen select the “up” arrow to view the System Tray.
    Screen Shot: OnBase System Tray
  2. Right click the Hyland Unity Client service icon.
    Screen shot: OnBase Hyland service icon
  3. Select Exit OnBase.
  4. To uninstall the old version, go to the Windows Start Menu in the bottom left hand corner of your Windows screen.
  5. Start typing the words Control Panel, and a listing for the Control Panel desktop application will appear in the search list. Select Control Panel to open the All Control Panel Items dialog box.
    OnBase Windows Control Panel
  6. Select Programs and Features.
  7. Select Hyland Unity Client [Prod] and choose Uninstall/Change.
    Screen Shot: OnBase Hyland Uninstall
  8. Choose Ok to remove the application from your computer.
  9. When the removal is complete, the Hyland Unity Client [Prod] Maintenance dialog will close, and the program will no longer be visible in Programs and Features.
  10. Open Internet Explorer by going to the Windows Start Menu, typing Internet Explorer, and choosing the Internet Explorer desktop app.
    Screen Shot: OnBase Internet Explorer
  11. Navigate to the following URL using Internet Explorer. No other browser will work for this:


  12. Launching Application should appear.
    Screen Shot: OnBase launching
  13. You will receive a security warning. Choose Install to continue.
    Screen shot: OnBase security warning
  14. Once the install is complete, the Installing Hyland Unity Client [PRD] dialog will close itself.
    Screen Shot: Installing Hyland dialog