Ohio University

Automated Workflow: Microsoft Automate

Electronic automated workflow for business processes (i.e. processing application forms, departmental approval processes, etc.).

How to Access

Access Microsoft Automate from:


All OHIO users with access to Office 365 can use the base version of Microsoft Automate.

Faculty and staff who have budget authority and/or their delegate may request automated workflow development for their unit. 

How to Request 

If you would like to request OIT's help in optimizing a workflow, please contact the IT Service Desk with the following information:

  • Organization/Business Unit/Department requesting the solution
  • Overview of the current business process that needs to be automated
  • Explanation of how you picture automation improving your business process: What could change, and how much time would you save?
  • Preferred timeline: Is this critical and urgent? Is this a wish list item you would like to have eventually?
  • A point of contact who:
    • Is the budgetary authority of the unit (or has secured budgetary authority for the request)
    • Will be responsible for the day-to-day development, communication, and sign-off of the project