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Microsoft Operating System and O365 Upgrade Roadmap

Roadmap for the upgrade of Windows operating systems and office suites.

Microsoft Operating System and Office Upgrades

There is an ongoing project to upgrade OHIO's Windows computers to the Windows 10 operating system and Office 365 software suite.  This initiative is ongoing throughout FY 2020 and is scheduled to be complete by the end of the second quarter of FY 2021.


These upgrades are part of a regular schedule to keep University devices secure, current, and in compliance with vendor license terms. 

Due to Microsoft's termination of support, all Windows 7 machines should be upgraded to Windows 10.  Devices that won't support Windows 10 should be replaced with a newer model.

Devices utilizing Windows 8 and/or any version of office other than O365 should also be upgraded accordingly.

Any remaining devices after the scheduled completion date should have a plan in place for upgrade/replacement.


Service Owner - Jason Combs