Ohio University

Tech 101 for Parents

Make sure your Bobcat completes the steps in Tech 101.

System Status

To check the status of major Ohio University IT services or to subscribe to outage notices for specific services, visit https://status.ohio.edu. Outage notices also are reposted to @OhioIT on Twitter.

Account Security

Email scammers like to target college students, especially at the start of a semester. Please encourage your son or daughter to enroll in multi-factor authentication. This security feature adds mobile app or telephone-based verification to the OHIO login process, making it much harder for a scammer to login using a stolen password.

Printing in the Libraries and computer labs

To print in the university Libraries and many computer labs, your son or daughter will need Bobcat Cash available on his or her ID card. Deposits can be made in person at Chubb Hall, at a kiosk in Alden Library or online via credit card:

Bringing a printer or entertainment device from home

If your son or daughter plans to bring a printer, TV, smart speaker, streaming stick, or a game console from home, he or she can register that device on our wireless network.

Copyright policy

Illegal downloading or sharing of copyrighted files is not allowed on our network.

Students are welcome to use legal services like Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, etc. on our network. Just avoid illegal peer-to-peer sharing.