Ohio University

One-click software installs and worry-free security updates coming soon to university Macs

Software and security updates are about to get a whole lot easier for many university-owned Mac computers. Over the next few months, OIT will roll out a new Mac Management application called Self Service to all university departments. Self-Service offers one-click installers for university-licensed software packages and automatically takes care of required security updates.

The new application has been available since July to departments who were using an older tool called Munki to manage their Mac computers. As of this story's publication date, over 1000 Macs have enrolled in Self Service. Starting this month, Self Service will be available to all university-owned Macs.

What to expect

If your university-owned Mac doesn't already have the Self Service application, departmental IT staff or an OIT technician can install it on your computer. Setup takes just a few minutes and does not change the look or feel of your Mac. 

Self Service benefits include:

  • One-click installers for popular software packages like Office 365, Teams, Adobe Reader, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • Custom, one-click installers for software licensed to your department.
  • A consistent way to manage lab computers.
  • Automated security and operating system updates that happen on a predictable schedule, with a monthly maintenance window to apply updates that might require a restart.

Why use Self Service

Modern computers require regular updates to keep them performing at their best and to protect against cyberattacks. Enrolling your Mac in Self Service lets you spend more time being productive and less time managing updates. It also is the recommended way to keep your Mac in compliance with university information security polices and standards. Finally, the Self Service application helps the university comply with modern software licensing terms. In the future, some university-licensed software titles will only be available through Self Service.