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Mac Management Migration Roadmap

Roadmap for the migration from Munki to Jamf (Self-Service)

Mac Management Migration

Migration from Munki to Jamf/Self Service as the University's Mac Management solution is ongoing.  The targeted date for complete migration and Munki decommissioning is June 30, 2020.

Modern computers require regular updates to keep them performing at their best and to protect against cyberattacks. Enrolling your Mac in Self Service lets you spend more time being productive and less time managing updates. It also is the recommended way to keep your Mac in compliance with university information security polices and standards. Finally, the Self Service application helps the university comply with modern software licensing terms.

Migration of all Macs from Munki to Self Service by 28 June 2020.  Munki will be decommissioned effective 30 June 2020 and system updates/one-click software installs will be offered through the Self Service app.

Service Owner - Jason Combs