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Digital Signage Migration Roadmap

Roadmap for the migration from Axis to Rise Vision as the digital signage solution.

Digital Signage Migration

Migration from Axis to Rise Vision as the University's solution for digital signage is ongoing.  Billing for the departments that are fully online with Rise Vision will begin some time in the third or fourth quarter of 2020.  OIT continues to work with departments to ensure their technologies and use cases are properly incorporated into Rise Vision and aim to have this completed by the end of the third quarter of FY 2021.  Additionally, remaining special-case Axis users should be identified and have a migration strategy in place by the end of the third quarter of FY 2021.

Balancing cost with performance is the goal of this project.  Axis equipment was nearing end of life and became a cost-prohibitive solution for OHIO's digital signage requirements. 

OIT researched and procured a more cost-effective solution (Rise Vision) with similar capabilities as Axis.  This system is also more user-friendly and less maintenance intensive.

Full implementation of a cost-effective solution that meets University stakeholder requirements.  Additionally, the deactivation of all remaining Axis displays and associated equipment and decommissioning of the Axis server once migrated to Rise Vision.

Service Owner - Jason Combs