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Microsoft Teams recordings are moving to OneDrive. What does this mean for you?

Beginning July 7, 2021, OHIO users will no longer access their Microsoft Teams recordings using Microsoft Stream. Rather, recordings will be saved, accessed, and shared using Microsoft OneDrive. This change is being implemented at Microsoft's level and will allow for several new features including guest sharing and improved transcription quality. 

What does this mean for you?

  • Starting and stopping recordings: Starting and stopping a recording in Teams will stay the same.
  • Accessing old recordings (recorded before July 7, 2021): Recordings from before July 7 will not be affected and will remain available in Stream.
  • Accessing new recordings (recorded on or after July 7, 2021):
    • Inside Teams: Recordings from channel meetings will be stored in the Team's document library in a folder labeled "Recordings". Everyone who is a part of the channel will have permission to edit and view the recording.
    • Inside OneDrive: Recordings from all other meetings will be stored in the "Recordings" folder in the OneDrive of the person who clicked the record button. 
  • Sharing new recordings:
    • If you recorded or organized the meeting, you can share the recording with people who weren't invited like you would any other file in OneDrive. 
    • If you weren't the person who recorded or organized the meeting, you can still share the recording in OneDrive, but the meeting recorder will need to approve it.
    • Anyone who can view a recording can also download a copy of it.

If you have questions about this change, please contact the IT Service Desk.