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Calls in Microsoft Teams

Calls is a softphone application within Microsoft Teams that allows you to place and answer audio calls from your OHIO work number. Calls are a quick way to connect in Teams. You can have one-on-one calls or calls with several people. While meetings are a great way to collaborate in Teams, calls can be a more direct way of connecting for completing specific tasks or for getting questions answered quickly. 

The Calls application in Microsoft Teams is in pre-production. This feature is currently being offered to early adopters as OIT finalizes the full product rollout. Please see "How to request" to participate as an early adopter.

How to access

Once provisioned for Calls in Microsoft Teams, click on the Call icon in the left menu of the Microsoft Teams application. Once there, you can use the dial pad to type in a phone number, search for an individual, or click on a number from your call history. Complete instructions on making audio (and video) calls from Teams can be found on Microsoft's help webpage

Screenshot of Calls in Microsoft Teams


  • Make calls 
  • Answer calls 
  • Transfer calls 
  • Consult then transfer calls 
  • Check voicemail 
  • Search Ohio University telephone directory 
  • Call additional people into an ongoing call 
  • Add and share a line with a delegate 


You cannot use Microsoft Teams calls for call groups (ring groups). A call group is a phone strategy where an incoming call is routed to a group of phone numbers. 

How to request

Contact the IT Service Desk with the following information: 

  • The state that you would like to use Calls within Microsoft Teams 
  • Your OHIO email address 
  • Your OHIO work phone number 


All active faculty and staff