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Single Sign On Integration

The Single Sign On (SSO) service simplifies the web-based application login process.  Once a user authenticates with their OHIO email, they can access multiple SSO-enabled applications without having to re-enter their credentials.

How to Access

The SSO integration service is available when a faculty or staff member has an application that has gone through the Ohio Technology Review.

Once SSO has been enabled for an application, you will access that application 


  • Allows access to applications via your OHIO login
  • Simplifies username and password management
  • Relieves service desk workloads by reducing number of calls for lost passwords


All users who are granted access to OHIO’s systems are eligible for SSO use.  For applications currently utilizing SSO, this feature is automatically enabled and requires no action or input from the user. 


Typically SSO integrations supported by Azure AD are free of charge. Anything outside the documented standards would need to be evaluated as a project request. The SSO Integration Form below will be used to determine whether customization is required.

How to Request SSO

  1. Complete the OHIO Technology Review process.
  2. Once the application has undergone and passed review, complete the SSO Integration Form