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OHIO Password Requirements

Below are the University's current password requirements. For more information, see OHIO's password policy.

Password expiration

You must change your OHIO password at least once a year. 30 days before your password expires, you will start seeing password change reminders inside the OHIO login page. We will never send you email about an expired password. If you receive an email asking you to enter or update your password, it is a scam and should be forwarded to security@ohio.edu

Password complexity

  • Must use at least 3 character classes:
    • numbers (0 - 9)
    • upper case letters (A - Z)
    • lower case letters (a - z)
    • non-alphanumeric characters (~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"'<>,.?/).
  • 10 character minimum
  • Cannot contain your username
  • Cannot be a former password
  • Cannot contain certain dictionary words like "password" or "bobcat." Variations like "pa55w0rd" or "b0bcat" also are not allowed

Multi-Factor Authentication

If you have access to a system that contains sensitive data, you will be required to use multi-factor authentication when logging into that system.