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Frequently Asked Questions: ID Cards

Do I need to get a new ID card every year?

No. You only need to get a new ID card if yours gets lost or stolen, or if it no longer works.

If my card needs to be replaced, do my unused meals transfer over to the new card?

Yes. Any Bobcat Cash, Dining Dollars, or meals will automatically be transferred to the new card.

Can I punch a hole in my ID?

Yes, but we recommend letting the Bobcat Depot or your regional campus ID card staff punch the hole to avoid damaging the magnetic strip or proximity chip.

Will it hurt my ID if I store it with other credit cards? Will that erase data from the magnetic strip?

Other cards will not hurt your ID, but contact with a cellphone, TV or computer monitor might damage the magnetic strip.

If I don't like my ID picture, can I replace it?

If you are on the Athens campus, you will need to come to Bobcat Depot, Baker University Center 112. There is a $5 replacement fee.

Can I receive my ID card in the mail?

For online students or students not residing on campus, we can provide IDs through the mail. We will need a passport style photo of you as well as your PID number and mailing address. Email the Bobcat Depot to obtain your ID through the mail?