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Simulated Phishing Awareness

You've Been Phished!

Don't worry, this is an approved phishing simulation run by the Office of Information Technology. As part of our commitment to protect and educate the campus community, we have started a phishing awareness program. Our intention is to provide a safe environment for users to identify phishing emails without the associated risk of account compromise.

How You Could Have Spotted This Phish

  • Sent from a non-OHIO email address
  • Requires you to sign in through a link provided
  • Urges you to take quick action
  • OBI does not have a separate password from other OHIO services
Example phish message for OBI

How Simulated Phishing Works

To support security training and awareness for our University community, we will be sending periodic simulated phishing messages starting in March 2020. These messages are designed to look and work like a real phishing attack, without the associated risk of compromising your account. If you respond to one of our simulated messages, you’ll be redirected here to learn how to recognize and avoid future phishing messages.

If you would like to learn more about how to protect your account, email security@ohio.edu and ask to be enrolled in our online IT Security training, or follow the link below:

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