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Mobile Device Security Recommendations

Protect Your Information
  • Make sure all of your devices have a remote wipe or autowipe feature. This allows you to erase all of your information and lock the device from a computer if it is ever lost or stolen.
  • If you store sensitive data on your mobile device, encrypt it. 
  • Think before you send private or potentially embarrassing information through text messages (it can be forwarded and will spread quickly).
  • Back up important data that is stored on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Be careful when installing applications; only download from reputable websites.
  • Only install the applications that you absolutely need; more downloads mean more vulnerabilities.
    • Only download from official app/play stores.
  • Do not use internet connections that are not secure.
  • Do not use Wifi which doesn't require passwords.
  • Do not follow links in suspicious text messages.
  • Set your device to automatically lock and require a password. 
  • If you repeatedly receive spam messages from a specific device, block the number from contacting your phone.
Protect Your Device
  • Passphrase protect your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Set a pin code on your sim card.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when you are not using it. This will prevent automatically connecting to dangerous and unprotected networks, as well as extend the battery life on your device. 
  • Turn off cookies and autofill.
  • Turn off bluetooth when it is not in use.
  • Delete all information stored on your device prior to discarding it.
  • Consider attaching an identification label to all of your mobile devices with your name and contact information. This generally increases the chances of your device being returned to you if it is lost.