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Setting Up Whole Disk Encryption

  1. Launch PGP Desktop
  2. Click on the section labeled 'PGP Disk' and select the 'Encrypt Whole Disk or Partition' option.

    PGP Disk

  3. Select the disk you wish to encrypt. Often there will only be a single option. Next select users that are permitted to use this disk by selecting 'New Passphrase User...'.

    PGP Whole Disk Encryption Selection

  4. Choose how you want to unlock the disk. For convenience we recommend selecting 'Use Windows Password', however some users may want, or are required, to provide additional rigor to their systems. If Two-Factor Authentication is required in your environment, select 'Create New Passphrase'.

    PGP Whole Disk Passphrase Selection

  5. When selecting 'Use Windows Password' and are using an Active Directory joined system you will be asked to re-authenticate to your account. After re-entering your OHIO ID and password, click 'Next'.

    PGP Whole Disk Windows Account Confirmation

  6. Alternatively, if using a Passphrase, you will now be required to enter your passphrase. After entering a passphrase, click 'Next'.

    PGP Whole Disk Passphrase Creation

  7. Press the 'Encrypt' button to initiate the disk encryption. If you do not plan on using this computer during the encryption process, we recommend selecting the 'Maximum CPU Usage' option, as it will speed the process.

    PGP Whole Disk Beginning Encryption

  8. From this point forward, when turning on your computer, you will be required to login to PGP Whole Disk before Windows starts.

    PGP Whole Disk Encryption Login Screen