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Setting Up a Netshare Folder

  1. Select a Folder, which can be either on your computer or a network share. Right-click on the folder, select 'PGP Desktop' → 'Add to PGP NetShare'.
    PGP Netshare Context Menu
  2. Add users or groups to the folder who should have access. Click on the down arrow to display your local key chain.
    PGP NetShare Add Users
  3. Otherwise search for users by typing in their OHIO ID, or groups by typing the group name, and clicking 'Add'. Select the user and click 'Add' followed by 'OK'.
    PGP NetShare Users Search
  4. Select which user will be permitted to manage access to the folder by right clicking their name and selecting 'Make Admin'. Designating an admin is a required step and must be selected before continuing to the next step.
    PGP NetShare Make Admin
  5. When all users or groups are added, click 'Next'.
  6. Once the setup wizard has completed, click 'Finish'.