Active Directory as a tree with services at each branch

Active Directory 

Welcome to the next step in Ohio University's IT improvement plan: standard, reliable online services delivered via Active Directory.

Active Directory is nothing new at Ohio University.  Many departments and colleges already use it to provide services to their faculty and staff.  Moving to a single, university-wide Active Directory will let everyone have access to online services like network storage, security updates, and remote assistance.

Much of what Active Directory does happens behind the scenes, but its benefits will be instantly noticeable, including:

  • Only one login to remember, no matter how many computers you have
  • Integrated e-mail and calendar
  • Automated, verified security updates
  • Automated downloads/installs of the latest versions of programs like Office and Outlook
  • Personal network storage
  • File and printer sharing for departments who need it
  • Faster answers when you call the Service Desk

Active Directory aligns with the President's directive on IT consolidation by eliminating 70 servers across campus while at the same time improving service. With departments no longer needing to maintain their own Active Directory servers, College IT staff can devote less time to digital housekeeping and more time to addressing academic needs.

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