Frequently Asked Questions

This page addresses OHIO-specific questions about Qualtrics.  For additional how-to resources, visit our Qualtrics help page.

Is there a fee to use Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is available to all current faculty, staff and students at no charge. 

How to access Qualtrics: New users

If you have never used Qualtrics before, you'll be prompted to create an account for yourself the first time you log in:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your OHIO ID and password
  3. When prompted, choose "I don't have a Qualtrics account" and follow the resulting on screen instructions

On subsequent visits, you will be taken directly to your Qualtrics home page after logging in.

Screen shot: Creating your Qualtrics account

How to access Qualtrics: Existing departmental accounts

If you have a Qualtrics account through the Psychology department, you may receive a timeout error when you try to migrate your account.  Qualtrics is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it.  In the meantime, simply continue using your old, departmental URL and login credentials.

To migrate a departmental account to the new OHIO Qualtrics site:

  1. Log in to with your OHIO ID and password.
  2. Choose "I already have a Qualtrics account."
  3. Enter the username and password from your old, departmental Qualtrics account and click "Migrate Account."
    Screen shot: Migrating an existing Qualtrics account
  4. After migrating your account, you should use to access your account.


Are custom "skins" available?

As part of the site license conversion process, OIT will be migrating existing college and departmental Qualtrics skins into the new OHIO site at no charge.

If you would like to request a new custom skin for your department or program, please contact David Alexander,  A fee may apply for new custom skins.

Where can I learn more about using Qualtrics for academic research?

OHIO already has many Qualtrics users with a wealth of experience creating academic research surveys. To tap into that collective wisdom, consider joining the OHIO Qualtrics users email list.

Moving surveys/data from Survey Monkey to Qualtrics

Most survey providers do not support exporting existing survey questions.  If you have a survey hosted with a provider like Survey Monkey, you will need to recreate that survey manually in Qualtrics.  You can speed this process up by using copy/paste to transfer your survey question and answer text.

To move survey response data from another provider to Qualtrics, follow your provider's directions to download the results to your hard drive and then upload them to your new Qualtrics account.  For more on uploading data to Qualtrics, visit

Using header & footer text to customize your survey

Qualtrics lets you add custom text to the top and bottom of the generic OHIO survey template.  This is an easy way to add your department or research project's name and contact info to surveys you create. 

To add header/footer text, create or edit a survey, then click the "Look and Feel" button.  Go to "Advanced" and type your desired text into the header and/or footer boxes:

Click to view full size screen shot: adding header and footer text to a Qualtrics survey's Look and Feel.

Does Qualtrics support paper, scanned surveys

Currently Qualtrics does not support creating or scanning paper surveys.  If you need to create a paper survey, we recommend using Class Climate.

Sharing a survey with the "Collaborate" feature

The collaborate feature lets you share a survey with other people while limiting what those people can do with the survey.  Qualtrics provides a wide range of customizable permissions, from view-only all the way up to full editing and results viewing.

Visit this Qualtrics help page for step by step instructions:


Collaboration: email invitations

Qualtrics distinguishes between people who have an active OHIO Qualtrics account and those who do not when you invite them to collaborate on a survey. 

Active OHIO users

If you share a survey with someone who has an active OHIO Qualtrics account, their name will appear in a search results drop down as you type their email address into the Add dialog.  Choosing their name from the list and clicking Add will cause your shared survey to appear in their My Surveys tab the next time they log in to Qualtrics.  Ignoring this drop down will cause your recipient to be treated like an external user (see below).

Screen shot: Search results drop down when adding a collaborator

External users & OHIO users who have not activated their Qualtrics account

If you share a survey with someone who does not have an active OHIO Qualtrics account, then Qualtrics will send that person an email invitation with a collaboration code. The recipient will need to enter that collaboration code before your survey will be visible to them.

The following recipients will receive an email invitation:

  • A non-OHIO email address
  • A current OHIO faculty, staff, or student who has yet to activate his or her OHIO Qualtrics account
  • An active OHIO Qualtrics user, if you type that person's full email address and click Add without first choosing his or her name from the drop down list


Currently, email invitations include an incorrect login URL.  Qualtrics is aware of this issue and is working on resolving it.  In the meantime, OHIO users can activate their account at and then follow the remaining instructions in their email invitation.  Non-OHIO users may receive a "code not found" error when they try to activate.


Incorrect login URL in collaboration email invitations

Currently, the login URL in automated collaboration email invitations is incorrect.  Qualtrics is aware of this problem and is working on a solution.  In the meantime, the issue can be dealt with for some users:

  • Users with an active OHIO Qualtrics account: When you add an active OHIO Qualtrics user as a collaborator, make sure to choose his or her name from the Collaborate search results drop down before you click Add.  Doing so will skip the entire email invite process, and your survey will appear automatically in your collaborator's My Surveys the next time he or she logs in.
  • OHIO faculty, staff, and students who have yet to activate their Qualtrics account: Contact your collaborator and tell him or her to use instead of the URLs included in the collaboration invite.  Once they have activated their OHIO account, they can follow the rest of the instructions in the collaboration invitation.
  • Non-OHIO users: At the moment, non-OHIO users may receive a "collaboration code not found" when they try to register and accept your invitation.  Qualtrics is aware of this issue.

5000 message per week sending limit - how to increase

By default, OHIO Qualtrics limits you to sending a maximum of 5000 survey invitation emails per week.  If you are building a survey that is likely to require more than 5000 invitations, contact the OIT Service Desk to request an increase before you distribute your survey.

Change ownership of a shared survey

You can transfer ownership of a survey. To do so:

  1. Make sure the new owner has logged into Qualtrics at least once, so that their account will show as active.
  2. The current survey owner should place a request with the OIT Service Desk with the following information:
    • Your OHIO ID
    • Title of survey
    • OHIO ID of new owner